Competition time 👘Origami Kimono for Origami Day 🇯🇵


In order to celebrate the art of paper folding on Origami Day, the 11th of November, we would like our Own Kids to participate in this competition! Learn how to make a cute origami kimono by just using a piece of paper and their own hands ✋🏻 The winner will be give a £30 voucher to use on our website at any time! 

By entering the competition, you will have to:

1. Colour in the pattern
2. Follow the step and fold your origami kimono
3. Take a picture and tag us on Instagram
4. Sign up to our newsletter

Are you ready? Let's get started!


For video instruction, please visit

Have fun everyone ☺️ Winner will be announced two weeks from today! Remember to tag us on Instagram. Good luck xxx