🌟Domestic Foraging - Arrange Your Surroundings ft. Philippa Stanton🌟

As our kids show us every day, even the most ordinary objects have stories to tell. A frayed ribbon can be a head-dress, a broomstick is a horse, a piece of broken china becomes a priceless jewel. OWA’s new collaboration is the vision of Brighton-based artist Philippa Stanton @5ftinf, whose images reveal the secret beauty of the everyday. Taking overlooked or broken household objects, Philippa, who is synaesthetic, arranges them by colour, shape and pattern, so we see them anew. We love how she finds elegance in worn or used things, and how she elevates noticing to an art form. 

Inspired by Philippa’s book, Conscious Creativity, we create our own works by exploring our surroundings with our kids. Take time to contemplate, and to imagine how the things you find might be creatively reused. Afterwards, the display becomes a game by covering the objects with a cloth. Fennel flowers, clothes peg, plastic gremlin…how many can you remember?

Philippa Stanton's  first book 'Conscious Creativity’ is published by Quarto Books and is available worldwide in store or online, and her new book ‘Conscious Creativity: The Workbook’ will be released in October 2020.