Each Owa Yurika garment is carefully designed in London. We aim to make modern clothes that are comfortable, practical, fun and causing as little negative impact to the planet as possible.
owayurika sustainable fabrics

Sustainable materials

We use 80% + natural fibres, (organic when available) most of which are locally sourced to minimise the environmental impact. We are continuously looking for new ways to increase our sustainability, and make 100% of our items from natural materials.
owayurika timeless design

Unique timeless design

Influenced by Japanese artistry and London cool, we design to last. Unique, timeless and fun with practicality and comfortability in mind.
owayurika sustainable fabrics

High Quality

Our high quality garments are designed to last long. Please pass them on to your family, relatives, and friends.
taking care our people

Taking care our people

We have close relationships with our factories and know that the working conditions there are of sustainable standards.

Repair & Recycle

We regularly donate onto London schools and children's hospital our clothes. We want you to love our clothes for a long time. Please contact us on info@owayurika.com and we are happy to provide any missing buttons and help you assist with your specific requirements.

Learning with kids

We offer customised experiences for children to learn about the sustainable fashion industory.