Founder of Owa Yurika - An award-winning luxury children's clothing brand

Founded by mother-daughter duo Yuki and Yuriko Oshima, OWA YURIKA offers a fresh perspective on childrenswear.

Inspired by the birth of their daughter and granddaughter Honor Yurika, and upon realising that currently available childrenswear was highly two-dimensional and predictable, Yuki and Yuriko decided to create something different. Establishing the London-based brand in 2015, they sought to bring together London’s cutting-edge design aesthetic with high-quality Japanese manufacturing, luxury textiles and meticulous attention to detail. The debut OWA YURIKA collection reflects the practicality, durability as well as the clean and meticulous finishing of Japanese clothing. The result is a playful yet elevated childrenswear brand with character and charm.

Yuki and Yuriko feel that modern parents who appreciate innovative designs for themselves would want to dress their children in more unique clothing without making their daughters appear forcedly girly, and that that they can instill confidence in them by dressing them with originality and encourage them to embrace girlhood in an individual way.

In the era of fast fashion, the ethos behind OWA YURIKA is to teach the next generation to prioritise quality in all things. With well-made clothes they’ll cherish, the founders hope they’ll do just that.


Founder of Owa Yurika - An award-winning luxury children's clothing brand



Growing up in Tokyo, Yuki’s first fashion influence came from her mother who favoured a distinctive avant-garde style and was always the mum who stood out during the school run.

After studying Economics at Tokyo University and then Philosophy at Yale, Yuki remained abroad to work in investment banking in New York and London. She later rekindled her affinity for fashion by changing career paths, working as an Editor and Contributor at Harper’s Bazaar, as a Press Manager at Celux LVMH and Managing Director at ISSA London.

An advocate of child development, Yuki has also been a chairperson of her family’s charitable foundations, which have funded two reputable and long-standing scholarship programmes, as well as having built several schools and orphanages for younger children in Asia.


A colour-consultant who has published four hugely successful books on the subject in Japan, Yuriko has been a dedicated wife and mother that introduced Yuki to the world of fashion at a young age. Yuriko dressed Yuki in some of Japan’s most lauded brands celebrated for their creativity such as Comme des Garçons, and the two spent many afternoons watching fashion show clips together. Yuriko has always championed individual women’s style, inspiring her daughter and other women in the process.


Founder of Owa Yurika - An award-winning luxury childreswear brand