Owa Yurika Sustainability

Each Owa Yurika garment is carefully designed in London. We aim to make modern clothes that are comfortable, practical, fun and causing as little negative impact to the planet as possible. 


We understand that more than 70% of the sustainability affecting decisions are made before the clothes are made at the raw material stage. So we use 80% + natural fibres (organic when available) at the moment that are mostly locally sourced to minimise the environmental impact, and working to further minimise the usage of non natural materials.

Sustainability Tree


We have close relationships with our factories and know that the working conditions there are of sustainable standards. We have tried different factories in the past but currently all our cutting and sewing is done in Japan and UK, and shipped directly to customers from these locations as much as possible.

Japanese garment factories, that have historically been reputable for high quality craftsmanship globally, have sadly been diminishing rapidly due to the pressure of lower cost labour available overseas. The number of factories has been reduced to 1/4 since the 90s. As part of our heritage, we feel passionate about supporting the Japanese manufacturing industry. Our main factory, run by the family built with 3 generations of women, tries to encourage people, mostly mothers and housewives, who have once left the factory jobs due to circumstances but remain skilled and eager to return, by creating the network and structure where they can work locally or from their home.

Japanese garment factories Japanese garment facotries


We want you to love our clothes for a long time. Please contact us on info@owayurika.com and we are happy to provide any missing buttons and help you assist with your specific requirements.