Owa Journal

Welcome to our new journal! I‘m Yuki Oshima, the founder and creative director of Owa Yurika. My mother and I started the brand in 2016 with a desire to offer something different in childrenswear by combining elements of Japanese practicality and detail, with London’s cool design edge! It is important for me to create interesting, beautiful yet functional clothes for children.



Raising my 5 year old daughter Honor, my mind is naturally always focused on children’s lives in general, and I wonder daily what we as grown-ups can be doing so that our children can lead the most fulfilling lives possible. We all want the best for our children, but it can be pretty daunting and confusing to navigate through the environment that’s so different from the one in which we’ve lived our childhoods. So much information and options are readily available to them through advanced technologies, yet it is so easy for them to lose touch with nature and good-old tricks that have been passed on for centuries.


I grew up in Tokyo and have lived in New York and London since I left Japan at the age of 20. One of the things that inspire me the most is to talk to interesting people and dig deep into their stories. I am just so curious to learn what makes each of us unique, that I get told off sometimes for asking too many questions! This was one of the reasons I enjoyed working as a correspondent for Harper’s Bazaar magazine in Japan so much, interviewing fascinating people in different parts of the world. I am lucky to travel and encounter new people and hear their amazing stories. Through the years, I’ve come to realise that many of the things that seemed so natural in my life in Japan are actually unique to only Japan or Asia, and this has helped me open my eyes to all the beautiful characteristics of my home country without taking them for granted.

Our ethos for the brand Owa Yurika is to be a bridge between the Western and Eastern cultures, combining elements from both in our own way. The world has become smaller and smaller, but it’s still difficult to filter out the most useful information. I look forward to sharing things I’ve learned over the years and hope you will find our new diary interesting and informative!

Love, Yuki!